Meet the NMA Finalists for Magazine of the Year–Print

One week to go and we couldn’t be more excited! On June 7 the NMAF will announce the winners of the 2011 National Magazine Awards at our 35th anniversary gala. This year our esteemed panel of judges named 3 finalists in the special category Magazine of the Year–Print.

The award for Magazine of the Year–Print will go to the magazine that most consistently engages, surprises and serves the needs of its readers.

For 2011 the 3 finalists are:



A broad-minded, insatiable magazine that publishes investigative journalism, long-form essays and breathtaking artwork, Maisonneuve strives to support emerging talent and present the arts and ideas of Quebec to Anglophone Canada. 2011 saw the magazine publish several high-profile investigative pieces and photo essays, and it was rewarded with nine National Magazine Award nominations.

“Monuments: The City in Three Parts” – Art Direction by Anna Minzhulina, Maisonneuve. Nominated in Art Direction for a Single Magazine Article.
“Age of the Algorithm” by Ira Basen, Maisonneuve. Nominated in Science, Technology & the Environment.

Check out all of Maisonnueve‘s NMA nominations at


Canada’s only national fishing and hunting magazine, Outdoor Canada is a vibrant mix of service journalism, feature stories, reportage, profiles, travelogues and expert analysis. In 2011 the magazine also hosted its second annual consumer show and redesigned its website to great acclaim. Its staff and contributors have won numerous awards, and this year Outdoor Canada is nominated for four National Magazine Awards.

“Our Greatest Waters” – Outdoor Canada. Nominated in Service: Lifestyle.
“Ultimate DIY Adventure Guide” – Outdoor Canada. Nominated in Editorial Package.

Also nominated from Outdoor Canada: “75 Whitetail Essentials” (How-To).



Launched in September 2011, Sportsnet aims to be Canada’s premier general-interest sports magazine, with a mandate to tell the stories about athletes, teams and games that Canadians care most about. Committed to blending long-form magazine journalism with shorter, faster-paced stories that explore trends in the world and business of sports, the magazine is ambitious, engaging and optimistic. In its first year at the NMAs, Sportsnet garnered four nominations.

“The Team that Disappeared” by Brett Popplewell, Sportsnet. Nominated in Sports & Recreation.
“The Long Road Home” by Dan Robson, Sporsnet. Nominated in One of a Kind.

Also nominated from Sporstnet: “A Reading from the Book of Tebow” (Humour).

The Winner:
The winner of Magazine of the Year–Print will be revealed at the conclusion of the 35th anniversary National Magazine Awards presentation on June 7. Tickets are on sale now.

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