10 Reasons to Enter Your Best Work

Since 1977, the National Media Awards Foundation has been recognizing excellence in the content and creation of Canadian magazines. Each year, the Foundation grants more than $30,000 in prize money to award-winning writers, illustrators, photographers, and other creators, and bestows the honour and industry recognition of a National Magazine Award to the publishers, editors, art directors and other staff of more than 70 nominated publications.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider entering the 2024 National Magazine Awards:

1. New Readers

Award-winning magazines attract new readers who are hungry for great stories.

2. Bragging Rights

Be able to tell your readers that you are delivering the best and most credible content, recognized by your peers in the magazine industry.

3. Get Noticed

With a National Magazine Award, writers and artists find new opportunities and audiences for their creative work and talent.

4. Book Deal? 

Publishers take notice of award-winning work, and a National Magazine Award can be a step towards launching a book project or signing with an agent.

5. Find Your Next Job

Award-winning writers are better able to find new editors and publishers interested in their work.

6. Promote Your Innovations

Magazines are growing, and we’re growing with them. The NMAF recognizes achievement in digital content creation and all other enterprising magazine journalism. In fact, we’ve introduced an exciting cross-programming initiative, encouraging NMA participants to submit their work to several additional categories. All entries will compete among those submitted to the Digital Publishing Awards (DPA) program, and winners will be announced across both programs—this means that your work will reach an even wider audience!

7. Build Your Confidence

Freelancing is one of the most challenging pursuits for an artist or journalist, and sometimes even lonely. Awards and nominations are benchmarks of progress. (To help out you hard-working freelancers, we offer a Freelancer Support Fund).

8. Celebrate Your Creators

Editors, publishers, and art directors have the opportunity to reward the creative talent that helps their magazines sell copies and connect with readers. We’re pleased to offer a Small Magazine Rebate, which ensures that the awards represent a broad range of Canadian publications.

9. Even a Nomination is a Celebration

We all start at the beginning, and just getting our work out there, and getting it noticed, is a step on the path to success. Plus, all entries are read by our roster of top-notch Canadian and international judges. (Take a look at the amazing individuals who judged for #NMA23!)

10. Believe in What We Do

After all, magazines are the medium of creativity, passion, and a deep engagement with our readers.

Ready to submit an entry to the 2024 National Magazine Awards? Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s submission requirements, and here’s the link to our online portal. Keep in mind that the the early bird deadline is January 12, 2024 and final deadline is January 19, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EST. We can’t wait to receive your work!