Outstanding Achievement

The Foundation Award for Oustanding Achievement honours an individual’s innovation and creativity through contributions to the Canadian magazine industry. This award may recognize creators, editors, publishers, art directors, circulation experts, marketing, sales and promotion professionals, production managers—in short, anyone in the industry. It cannot be given posthumously.

2022 Oustanding Achievement Winner

After careful consideration, our Board of Directors made the decision to postpone awarding this prestigious award at the 2022 National Magazine Awards. Rest assured that applications from 2020 and 2021 will automatically be kept on file and considered for the 2022–2023 awards season. The winner will then be presented, on stage, at the spring 2023 event. This was a difficult decision, but we look forward to awarding the Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement when it is safe for the industry to gather and celebrate in person. 

don gillmor outstanding achievement award
Don Gillmor was the recipient of the Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement at the 2020 National Magazine Awards

Congratulations to Don Gillmor, the recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Achievement award! Learn more about Don’s impressive and illustrious career here.

The NMAF’s most prestigious individual prize since its inception in 1990 is the Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement, an award that recognizes an individual’s innovation and creativity through contributions to the magazine industry. The award is open to circulation experts, editors, marketing, sales and promotion professionals, publishers, creators, designers, production managers—in short, to everyone in the industry. It cannot be given posthumously. 

Previous Outstanding Achievement Award Winners 

2018 Linda Spalding
2017 Joyce Byrne
2016 Penny Caldwell
2015 Kim Pittaway
2014 Michael Fox
2013 Kim Jernigan
2012 Stephen Trumper
2011 Heather Robertson 
2010 D.B. Scott
2009 Terry Sellwood
2008 Cynthia Brouse
2007 Charles Oberdorf
2006 Neville Gilfoy
2005 John Macfarlane
2004 Paul Jones
2003 Stephen Osborne
2002 Sally Armstrong
2001 Al Zikovitz
2000 Ken Rodmell
1999 Peter C. Newman
1998 Lynn Cunningham
1997 Robert Fulford
1996 James Ireland
1995 Catherine Keachie
1994 Jean Paré
1993 Don Obe
1992 Barbara Moon
1991 Lloyd Hodgkinson
1990 Michael de Pencier
1989 Prue Hemelrijk