Freelancer Support Fund

The National Magazine Awards is pleased to offer a special discount to freelancer writers, photographers and illustrators who enter their own work for consideration.

The Freelancer Support Fund allows independent writers and creators to submit 2 entries at the discounted rate of Buy-One-Get-One FREE!

Two entries must be submitted to qualify for this special, reduced rate.

The Freelancer Support Fund applies to two entries for Writing and Visual Awards, for which there is a cash prize to the winning creator of $1000.

An eligible “Freelancer” is a person:

  1. who is not a staff member of a publication whose work they are submitting, and
  2. whose byline (as a writer, photographer or illustrator) appears on the work they are submitting.

At the payment stage (following submission of entries), there will be an option to select “Freelancer Support Fund.” When the request is approved, you will receive an invoice indicating the discounted entry fee. The revised invoice will be sent by email within 24 hours. 

The NMAF is a registered charity.  Fees paid for submissions may be tax-deductible. There are more reasons than ever to enter your work for a National Magazine Award!