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Best New Magazine Writer

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This award goes to a writer whose early work in magazines  shows the highest degree of craft and promise. Max Binks-Collier was awarded the 2019 Best New Magazine Writer title for “Distant Relatives,” published in Maisonneuve. The jury had this to say of Max’s work:

“Distant Relatives” is a suspenseful, in-depth exploration of medical malpractice and the institutional complicity that allowed it to happen. With his thoughtful interviews and extensive historical research, Binks-Collier pulls readers in and keeps them hooked all the way through.

Previous Winners of Best New Magazine Writer

2018 – Max Binks-Collier – “Distant Relatives” (Maisonneuve)
2017 – Jessica Rose – “Lost and Found” (Toronto Life)
2016 – Amorina Kingdon – “The Questionable Science of Vancouver’s Port Expansion (Hakai Magazine)
2015 – Desmond Cole – “The Skin I’m In (Toronto Life)
2014 – Genna Buck – “Finding a Place” (Maisonneuve)
2013 – Catherine McIntyre – “Clusterf*ck” (THIS Magazine)
2012 – Sierra Skye Gemma – “The Wrong Way” (The New Quarterly)
2011 – Liam Casey, “Suicide Notes” (Ryerson Review of Journalism)
2010 – Matthieu Aikins, “Last Stand in Kandahar” (The Walrus)
2009 – Danielle Groen, “This is Your Brain on Love” (Chatelaine)
2008 – Kris Demeanor, “Get a Real Job” (unlimited)
2007 – Patrick White, “Red Rush” (The Walrus)
2006 – Jeremy Klaszus, “Big Oil on Trial” (AlbertaViews)
2005 – Larry Frolick, “The Wired Cabin”; “Danger Signs” (Outpost)
2004 – Sophie Lees (AlbertaViews)
2003 – Chantal Srivastava (L’actualité)
2002 – Jean-Francois Bégin (L’actualité)
2001 – Jonathan Trudel (L’actualité)
2000 – Matthew McKinnon

Previous Winners of Best New Visual Creator

2014 – Hudson Christie – “A Portrait of the Artist with Testicles in Hand” (Maisonneuve)
2011 – The Coveteur, “Gifts” (Report on Business)
2009 – Byron Eggenschwiler “Tales from Riverheights Terrace” (Swerve)

Previous Winners of Best Student Writer
2008 – Chris Watt, “Iraq’s Walking Dead“, Maisonneuve
2007 – Julia Belluz“I” (Ryerson Review of Journalism)
2006 – Buffy Cram, “Man Hands,” Prairie Fire
2005 – Leigh Doyle, “So Long” (Ryerson Review of Journalism)