Meet the NMA Finalists for Beauty

The 35th anniversary National Magazine Awards are coming up on June 7 at The Carlu in Toronto. This year our judges selected 4 finalists in the new visual category Beauty, sponsored by L’Oréal Canada.

And the 4 finalists are:

“Strict Compulsive Obsessive Controlled Beauty” – Fashion Magazine. Art Direction by Maarten Sluyter and Lesa Hannah; Photography by Gabor Jurina; Styling by Caitlan Moneta.
“Killer Scents” – Filler Magazine. Art Direction by Ryan Johnson. Photography by Natasha V.
“Mane Attraction” – Flare. Art Direction by Tanya Watt. Edited by Carlene Higgins. Photography by Chris Nicholls. Styling by Zeina Esmail.
“Fragrances” – Sharp. Art Direction by Adam Taylor. Photography and Styling by Adrian Armstrong.

The winner will be revealed June 7 at the 35th anniversary National Magazine Awards. Tickets are on sale now.

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At L’Oréal we continue to invest in new scientific and technological areas, while enriching them with a global dimension. In the field of biology, for example, the meteoric rise of genomics, advances in stem cells and the intensive use of multiple reconstructive skin models, help us to better understand the diversity of mechanisms involved in the aging of the skin and hair types from around the world, to identify new target molecules and to screen molecules that could be used in beauty.

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