Off the Page, with journalist and blogger Julia Belluz

Off the Page appears regularly on the Magazine Awards blog. Today we catch up with Julia Belluz, whose blog–Science-ish–published by Maclean’s, won gold in the inaugural National Magazine Award for Best Blog earlier this year.

NMAF: Tell us a bit about Science-ish, what you consider its publishing niche to be, and who your readers are.

Julia Belluz (Photo: Jessica Darmanin)

Julia: Coffee is good for your health! Coffee is bad for your health! Vitamin D will save your life! Vitamin D will kill you quicker! I created Science-ish in response to bewildering and contradictory claims like these that float around in the popular discourse.

This confusion doesn’t end with individual health choices. Politicians frequently make assertions about health that aren’t necessarily informed by evidence, as do journalists, celebrities, and anyone who thinks they can get away with it.

So the blog is a sane place where readers can learn about the actual science behind the headlines. My readers tend to be doctors, nurses, students, policy wonks, researchers, and anyone who is concerned about health and science.  Continue reading “Off the Page, with journalist and blogger Julia Belluz”

NMA winner Joshua Knelman publishes new book on art crime

“That was another stroke of good luck. The NMA attracted the attention of an agent, Samantha Haywood, and that paved the way to a book deal.”

–Joshua Knelman, who won a NMA Gold prize for his article, “Artful Crimes” (The Walrus, November 2005) at the 30th National Magazine Awards, on how his success at the NMAs helped secure a book deal. Knelman’s new book, Hot Art: Chasing Thieves and Detectives through the Secret World of Stolen Art, was just published last month by Douglas & McIntyre. Read the full text of Knelman’s interview at The Walrus Blog. Find out more about Joshua Knelman’s success at the NMAs over at our Winners Archive.