Top Magazine Videos in Canada (Part 1)

For the second year the National Magazine Awards Foundation is recognizing excellence in the production of Online Video by Canadian magazines. This year’s 8 finalists were announced on May 1 along with the complete list of this year’s nominations. The winners will be revealed at the 37th annual National Magazine Awards gala on June 6. [Tickets]
Here’s a look at the first 4 finalists for Online Video. Check back next week for our profile of the remaining 4 finalists.
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Magazine: FILLER
Title: Vacant
CreditsNelson Lee, Director & Video Editor; Jennifer Lee, Producer; Michael Lockridge, Videographer
As a self-proclaimed “fashion magazine for culture junkies,” FILLER’s aptitude for marrying entrancing song with daring fashion is exemplified in a unique way in Celebrity Style & Fashion Films: Oldboy’s Pom Klementieff for FILLER Magazine. This video brings clothing to life by creating a world that compliments its style, offering a new fashion experience above and beyond that of the still photograph.


HH-Glassblower2MagazineCanadian House & Home
Title: Glassblower: Nick Chase
CreditsSheri Graham-Delagran, Director; Ryan Louis, Producer; Jason Stickley, Videographer; Patrick Malone, Video Editor
This candid portrait of a glassblower and his work explores how Nick Chase pairs organic leaf structures with man-made, glass-blown objects.  He shares the ways in which the inconsistencies in his pieces reflect emotional truths within himself.  This story allows viewers access into the mind and soul of a contemporary artist practicing a trade aged by centuries.

“One Room, Six Ways”

MagazineCanadian House & Home
Title: One Room, Six Ways
Credits: Sheri Graham-Delagran, Director; Ryan Louis, Producer; Jason Stickley, Videographer; Erin Gulas, Video Editor
An eye-opening exhibit of how to decorate a room, this video shows how artwork can liven up and personalize any space.  Creating six new moods while utilizing one furniture layout, Anya Shor and Manny Neubacher share a simple solution for anyone yearning to amp up their interior-design style.

“Boy Genius”

Title: Boy Genius
Credits: Jessica Darmanin, Michelle Turingan, Directors & Producers
Paul Wells’s interview with Kristine and Jacob Barnett creates the basis for this fascinating depiction of how one mother took her autistic son’s therapy into her own hands, releasing him back into their world.  This compelling story challenges medical expectations while uncovering the mathematical genius of an impressive young man.
Editor’s Note: Paul Wells’s story for the print edition of Maclean’s, “Boy Genius,” is also nominated for a National Magazine Award for Best Short Feature.
Special thanks to Melissa Myers for the episode capsules.
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