How Did They Create That Cover? Fashion Magazine

The finalists for the 37th annual National Magazine Awards have been announced — including ten nominations in the Magazine Covers category.
In a new blog series titled How Did They Create That Cover? the NMAF chats with the creative directors of the Magazine Covers finalists about how their covers were made. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at things we may or may not think about when we pick up a magazine and devour its pages.
Today we chat with Eng Lau, art director at FASHION Magazine and creator of this nominated cover:

NMAF: Was it difficult to pick the final image of Miley?
Eng Lau: There are a few factors to consider when picking a cover image. Firstly, the energy of eye contact; will her look grab the attention if you are just browsing through the newsstand? Secondly, is there room for cover lines? We have to ensure that all cover lines are legible, in order to convey the content in the issue that would appeal to a wide range of readers. The image satisfied both counts, so no, it was not a difficult choice.
NMAF: How was the blue and red shadow effect achieved?
Eng: The red and blue shadow helps to create a 3-D effect, and [helps] make it pop against the plain white background. The shadow in the image is a result of a particular lighting effect used by the photographer. Colours are what make the image pop in an elegant way. You need just enough of a contrast, but it must still be stylish.
NMAF: There are certain words on the cover that are set in boldface red. Can you explain why these words were chosen specifically?
Eng: We highlighted certain words to create balance of the colours on the layout and to make it more dynamic.
NMAF: Miley is quoted on the cover (“Shocking is what I’m good at”). How was this quote chosen?
Eng: The editorial team looks over the article and selects a few outstanding quotes. We meet to look over the selections and see what works the best and fits into the space comfortably.
NMAF: With a cover like this, people’s attention might be immediately drawn to the celebrity. How do you draw their attention to the content as well as the image?
Eng: The strong image is what initially draws an individual to the magazine, and once they stop to look at it, we have to ensure that the cover lines are visually appealing as well as succinct and enticing to readers. Both image and text have to work in harmony to create a powerful and appealing cover, and we are very pleased to have received a National Magazine Awards nomination!
[This interview was edited for content. Special thanks to Nadya Domingo for conducting the interview.]
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The Gold and Silver winners will be revealed on June 6 at the National Magazine Awards gala. [TICKETS].

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