Meet the NMA Finalists for Magazine of the Year

The most prestigious award bestowed by the National Magazine Awards Foundation is Magazine of the Year. This year our jury nominated four titles from entries across the country in both official languages. The award for Magazine of the Year goes to the magazine that in 2012 most consistently engaged, surprised and served the needs of its readers.

There’s just one more week until the biggest night in Canadian magazines — the National Magazine Awards gala is Friday June 7 at the Carlu.

Here are this year’s four nominated magazines for Magazine of the Year…

1. Corporate Knights

Founded in 2002, Corporate Knights tirelessly works to shine a light on sustainable businesses and government practices through a mix of news, analysis, commentary, features and original research. Known for their much-anticipated rankings that measure the sustainability performance of various institutions, the magazine also follows the same environmental and social standards it celebrates. In 2012 it became the first business magazine to become a Certified-B Corporation.  After the arrival of a new editor-in-chief and designer/senior art director, 2012 also saw a revitalization of the magazine’s look and feel. Over the year, Corporate Knights attracted top-notch freelancers and illustration talent as well as launched a new digital magazine app, enabling them to build their global subscriber base.

Corporate Knights is nominated for a total of 3 National Magazine Awards, including for Illustration and for Editorial Package. Discover more at

2. Cottage Life

Over the past 25 years, Cottage Life has had the chance to report on topics as diverse as cottagers themselves. In the magazine’s signature warm, light-hearted voice, it continues to inform, entertain and inspire with long-form features, profiles, integrated packages, service stories and engaging visuals and design. 2012 was no exception in realizing its mission to enhance and preserve the quality of cottage living. Both informative and fun, its 25th anniversary series was fruitful with highlights such as a commemorative essay series by renowned Canadians about beloved cottage activities and components, a feature looking into the future of cottaging (“2050: A Cottage Odyssey”), and many strong how-to and service pieces.

Cottage Life is nominated for a total of 10 National Magazine Awards, including for Best Single Issue, Words & Pictures, Single Service Article Package, How-To, Service: Health & Family, Homes & Gardens, and Art Direction of a Single Article. Discover more at


Now in its fourth year, UPPERCASE seeks to nurture and inspire the creative community with works sparked by design, illustration, photography and craft. Many subjects and contributors are subscribers first and the magazine works to promote the talent of its readership. Stocked in over 150 Anthropologie stores in North America, the magazine has continued to grow its subscriber base in Canada and beyond. In making a move toward theme-based issues, UPPERCASE has generated an eclectic mix of content while maintaining its sense of play and creativity, and its award-winning design continues to inspire its readers.

UPPERCASE is nominated for a total of 2 National Magazine Awards, including for Art Direction of an Entire Issue. Discover more at

4. Urbania

2012 a été une année particulière pour Urbania, trimestriel produit par l’agence de création Toxa. Chaque numéro porte sur un thème particulier, tel que l’hiver, les Parisiens, les anglophones, en mettant l’accent sur les gens et leur histoire. La publication s’est étendue à de nouvelles plates-formes numériques, à la télé Web et à des événements communautaires, courtisant la fidélité de ses lecteurs de façons inspirées et novatrices. Urbania est également nominé dans la catégorie Dossiers thématiques. Découvrir plus au

2012 was a special year for Urbania, the thrice-annual magazine produced by the creative agency Toxa. Each issue had a special theme—Winter, Parisians, Anglos—focusing on people and their stories, while the brand expanded to new digital platforms, web-tv and community events, engaging its readers in spirited and innovative ways. Urbania is nominated for a total of 2 National Magazine Awards, including for Editorial Package. Discover more at

Congratulations to the four finalists for Magazine of the Year. The winner will be revealed at the conclusion of the 36th annual National Magazine Awards gala on June 7 at The Carlu in Toronto. [INFO & TICKETS]

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