What’s New This Year at the National Magazine Awards

Each year the National Magazine Awards Foundation conducts surveys, solicits feedback and hosts round-table discussions with key stakeholders in order to ensure that our awards program is in tune with developments in the Canadian magazine industry. Any changes that are made to the program reflect the consideration of numerous experts from relevant fields as well as the Judging Committee and Board of Directors of the NMAF. The NMAF is grateful to those who volunteered their time to provide us with feedback and sit on our 2012 Digital Round Table and other committees.

The following changes have been approved by the NMAF Board of Directors for the 2012 awards year. [Version française ici]


  • Blogs: This written category is open to a regular series of original written content produced by a Magazine Website that has a recognizable unifying voice or theme. Entries may consist of up to ten (10) blog posts by one or more authors.
  • Online Video: This integrated category is open to a single video produced by a Magazine Website or Tablet Magazine.
  • Tablet Magazine of the Year: This special category is open to any single issue of a Tablet Magazine that successfully fulfills its editorial mission by representing the highest journalistic standards and effectively serving its intended audience by maximizing the possibilities afforded by the medium of tablet publishing.


Magazine of the Year—Digital is now known as Magazine Website of the Year. [Read definition]

Best Digital Design is now known as Magazine Website Design. [Read definition]

Best Multimedia Feature has been reconfigured as Editorial Package—Web. This award is open to any original package of related or thematic editorial content produced by a Magazine Website that best serves its intended audience by maximizing the potential of web-based publishing, and that reflects collaboration by editors and content creators. Elements may include but are not limited to written content, blogs, video, photography, data visualization, illustration, social media and user-generated content.


Generally speaking the National Magazine Awards are open to content from all Canadian consumer magazines, whether they are published in print, online or in a tablet edition. Where previously we distinguished between Print and Digital Magazines, this year we are further clarifying the difference between three types of magazine publishing:

  • Print Magazine
  • Magazine Website (companion site or online-only magazine)
  • Tablet Magazine

Most categories are open to content from any of these types, though specific categories have certain restrictions. For all clarifications, see the list of categories, rules and eligibility, and frequently asked questions.

There is now a Special Award for each of these three types:

  • Magazine of the Year
  • Magazine Website of the Year
  • Tablet Magazine of the Year

A single publication may enter any and all of these categories if they meet the eligibility and category criteria.


This year, submissions in Written Categories require only 3 sets of photocopies (plus 1 set of original tear sheets) instead of 6. As usual all entries require a PDF version of the submission in addition to hard copies.


For the past 10 years you’ve sent your NMA submissions hard copies to us at Adelaide Street in Toronto. But this year we have a new address, so be sure to note it before you send in your submissions:

National Magazine Awards Foundation
2 Bloor Street East, Suite 3500
Toronto, ON, M4W 1A8

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