Best Portrait Photography: Nominees for the 40th anniversary National Magazine Awards

What do you love about a great portrait? Is it the ambitious styling or location of the shoot? Perhaps an innovative photographic technique or angle that captures your attention in a way that’s fresh and original. Or is it simply the singular photographic moment–the way the subject or subjects, frozen in time, reveal their innermost selves through the lens–that makes the reader desirous of the story?
The National Magazine Awards jury reviewed a great selection of candidates for Best Portrait Photography, an award generously sponsored by Steven Goetz Storytelling, official photographers of the 40th anniversary National Magazine Awards. 
On April 20 we announced the nominees for the 40th anniversary National Magazine Awards, and we are excited to welcome Canada’s best photographers, art directors, stylists, writers, editors, and more to the gala on May 26. [Tickets]

Here’s a close-up look at the nominees for Best Portrait Photography.

Audrey Tautou
Corduroy Magazine
Peter Ash Lee, photographer & art director
Tim Chan, editor

Marina Abramovic
Corduroy Magazine
Peter Ash Lee, photographer & art director
Tim Chan, editor

One on One with Nolan Gerard Funk
DTK Magazine
Peter Tamlin, photographer
Sylvain Blais, art director
Randy Smith at Judy Inc., fashion editor
Julie Cusson for Chanel, grooming artist
Anthony James O’Dell, writer

Under My Skin
DTK Magazine
Sylvain Blais, photographer & art director
Fritz, fashion editor
Mayillah, grooming artist

The Resilient Runner
Nick Iwanyshyn, photographer
Diane Shantz, art director
Brian Williams, editor

What They Carried
Amber Bracken, photographer
Stephen Gregory, art director
Liz Sullivan, editor

Love Your Body
NOW Magazine
Tanja-Tiziana, photographer
Troy Breyer, art director
Susan G. Cole, editor
Taylor Savage, hair & makeup

Taddle Creek
Thomas Blanchard, photographer
Conan Tobias, art director & editor

Deep Impact
The Kit Compact
Luis Mora, photographer
Jessica Hotson, art director
Rani Sheen, editor
Contributors: Veronica Saroli, Jillian Vieira, Julie Cusson, Wendy Rorong

The winner of the National Magazine Award for Best Portrait Photography will be announced on May 26 at the 40th anniversary NMA Gala in Toronto.
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NMA 2015 Nominees: Top 7 Canadian Magazine Illustrations

Canada’s National Magazine Awards will be presented on June 5 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto, and among the prizes to be bestowed is the award for best Illustration or Photo Illustration. The finalists were announced on May 4 and include a great mix of first-time nominees and previous award winners.
The Gold and Silver winners will be revealed at the National Magazine Awards gala on June 5 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto. [Tickets & Gala Info].
And the nominees for Illustration & Photo Illustration are…
Gérard DuBois
Gerard is a 3-time National Magazine Award winner, most recently in 2012 for Spot Illustration, and also designed the cover art for the 31st annual National Magazine Awards in 2008.

Gérard DuBois
Learning to Fish
CPA Magazine

Raymond Biesinger
Raymond has previously been nominated for 3 National Magazine Awards for work in The Walrus, Alberta Views and Report on Small Business. This year he won 2 nominations: one for a cover illustration in Precedent, which is also nominated for Best Cover at this year’s Kenneth R. Wilson Awards; and the second which appeared in Reader’s Digest.

Raymond Biesinger
The Well-Oiled Machine

Raymond Biesinger
Stop Shouting!
Reader’s Digest

Pascal Blanchet
Pascal won the 2010 National Magazine Award Gold Medal for illustration, for artwork published in enRoute, and is nominated this year for a cover illustration in the literary magazine Taddle Creek.

Pascal Blanchet
The Orphan
Taddle Creek

Byron Eggenschwiler
Byron is a 5-time National Magazine Award winner. As a rising star in magazine illustration, he won the 2008 National Magazine Award for Best New Visual Creator. Read our interview with Byron in which he talked about the process of creating illustrations for magazine stories.

Byron Eggenschwiler
Best Shot
The Walrus

Min Gyo Chung
Min Gyo is an emerging talent in magazine illustration who is also nominated this year for the award for Best New Illustrator or Photographer for artwork in Corporate Knights. This is his first National Magazine Award nomination.

Min Gyo Chung
Expos Nation
The Walrus

Melinda Josie
Melinda is another rising talent in Canadian magazines and one of three nominees this year whose work is published in The Walrus. This is her first National Magazine Award nomination.

Melinda Josie
Who Will Water The Wallflowers?
The Walrus

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Tickets are on sale for the 38th annual National Magazine Awards gala, Friday June 5 at the Arcadian Court in Toronto.