Consider the Birds: Canadian Geographic asks readers to pick Canada's National Bird

The raven, argues National Magazine Award-winning writer Noah Richler, is an immigrant as we all are, having crossed the Bering Strait like many of Canada’s aboriginal ancestors.

And if that pedigree, one that precedes this country’s mere statehood, is not enough, consider too the importance this corvid has had in native stories ever since. Raven is Trickster. Raven is family… Above all, Raven is resourceful, a survivor, as the territory compels most Canadians to be.

While Richler roots for the Raven, fellow NMA honouree Charlotte Gray stumps for the osprey, and Giller Prize winner Will Ferguson wants you to tempt you with the Canada Goose.

But currently outdoing them all: the Common Loon, the pride of our golden coin.
Canadian Geographic magazine is asking all Canadians to vote on a national bird. We have a national tree, a national animal, a national sport… but not an official national bird.

The goal of [the National Bird Project] is to help designate an official bird for Canada by 2017, the country’s sesquicentennial. And we want your help finding a species that can represent this nation of forest, prairie grassland, Arctic and sub-Arctic, maritime and wetland, agricultural and urban and many other habitats, so vote for your favourite species or contribute your own short essay today!

At the time of this post, the Loon has a remarkable but not insurmountable lead over the Snowy Owl and the Grey Jay / Whisky Jack.
Make your vote.

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