Meet the NMA Finalists for Magazine of the Year–Digital

Three weeks from today–on June 7–the NMAF will announce the winners of the 2011 National Magazine Awards at our 35th anniversary gala. This year there are 3 finalists in the special category Magazine of the Year–Digital, which is sponsored by the Government of Canada.

The award for Magazine of the Year–Digital will go to a Digital Magazine or Magazine Website that successfully fulfills its editorial mission, represents the highest journalistic standards and effectively serves its intended audience by maximizing the possibilities afforded by the digital medium. These include excellence of content, interactivity, rich media, design, navigation, and social media.

For 2011 the 3 finalists are:

What the judges said about
The online companion site of The Grid delivers on its mandate by connecting communities and empowering users with compelling content. This is a site that knows exactly what it wants to do in life: capture Toronto at the street level. It’s loaded with content yet easy to navigate, and creates a two-way street with readers by inviting them to submit their own news and photos.

What the judges said about
The website of Today’s Parent makes it easy for stressed-out moms and dads to find the information and resources they need. The layout is clean, exudes calmness, and utilizes various typeface styles to direct the reader to different features. In branding, it’s perfectly aligned with its print parent and creates added value for its users with interactivity, relevance and overall quality.

What the judges said about
In style and in quality, the online companion to Toronto Life is unmistakably a partner of the print magazine, while confidently stepping out on its own with dynamic web-only content and engaging interactivity with users. Its blogs, social media and news stories are set in an architecture that is optimal for user experience, while expressing the brand at every point of contact.

The winner of Magazine of the Year–Digital will be revealed June 7 at the 35th anniversary National Magazine Awards. Tickets are on sale now.

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