Meet the NMA finalists for Best New Visual Creator

Last week the NMAF announced the nominees for the 35th anniversary National Magazine Awards. This year there are 3 finalists for the special award Best New Visual Creator. The category Best New Visual Creator is generously sponsored by the Reader’s Digest Foundation.

This award will go to an illustrator, photographer or digital image creator whose early work in magazines (print or digital) shows the highest degree of craft and promise. The award is open to students and magazine photographers and illustrators with a maximum of two years’ experience in professional journalism.

For 2011 there are 3 finalists. Click on the image to view the full work.

Trevor Melanson, for Canadian Business

What the judges said about Trevor Melanson:
With an impressive capacity to reduce, organize and visualize complex data, Trevor Melanson is an exceptional, natural talent in the digital medium. He has a unique ability to fashion raw information as engaging and editorial content for readers. His visual style is absolutely brilliant.

The Coveteur, for Report on Business

What the judges said about The Coveteur:
A tasteful curation of photographs that succeeds in magnifying the desirability of objects, The Coveteur’s “Gifts” are a perfect balance of style and composition.  The look and feel engages the viewer effortlessly, which speaks to the impressive talent of this young trio: stylist Stephanie Mark, designer Erin Kleinberg, and photographer Jake Rosenberg. We’ll be seeing lots more of their work in the future.

Andrew B. Myers, for Report on Business

What the judges said about Andrew B. Myers:
A photographer who possesses the ability to give soul to a lifeless subject, Andrew B. Myers has very honestly captured the unfulfilled promise of solar power with an empty sky, thawing snow on a monotonous field of panels, and the hint of solar flare. His approach to the subject is thoughtful, and his composition elegant and imbued with meaning.

The winner of the 2011 National Magazine Award for Best New Visual Creator will be announced at the 35th anniversary NMA gala on June 7 in Toronto. Tickets are available now.

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