Booking up for Winter: Great reads by NMA Winners

We shudder to employ the phrase ‘Winter Reading List,’ but there’s no denying that the curl-up-under-a-sofa-blanket season is fast approaching. Last month we told you how you might get some free NMA-winning magazine subscriptions for the holidays (Buy 2, Get 1 Free, to be precise). Today we happily promote some new and newish books by NMA-winning writers and artists that just might last you till spring.

These are some of our staff picks in no particular order, but by no means an exhaustive list of books out there by National Magazine Award-winning creators. (Indeed, if you know of a recent book by an NMA winner, please deposit it in a comment or email us.)

Writing Gordon Lightfoot, by Dave Bidini (2009 winner for Columns)
The Jonas Variations, by George Jonas (three-time NMA winner)
Hot Art, by Joshua Knelman (2005 winner for Arts & Entertainment)
Better Living Through Plastic Explosives (A Novel), by Zsuzsi Gartner (2005 winner for Fiction)
The Leap, by Chris Turner (2009 winner in Essays and Personal Journalism)
Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People, by Douglas Coupland, illustrated by Graham Roumieu (4-time NMA winner)
The Free World (A Novel), by David Bezmozgis (2003 winner for Fiction)
The Armageddon Factor, by Marci McDonald (9-time NMA winner)
The Riverbones, by Andrew Westoll (2007 winner for Travel)
The Sheikh’s Batmobile, by Richard Poplak (2009 winner for Sports & Recreation)
The Boy in the Moon, by Ian Brown (12-time NMA winner)
Dead Man in Paradise, by J.B. MacKinnon (9-time NMA winner)
Love in the Time of Cholesterol, by Cecily Ross (2007 winner for How-To)
We Cannot Fail, by Geoff Powter (7-time NMA winner)

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