NMA Humourist Allan Fotheringham at TIWF

Hall of Famer Canadian journalist Allan Fotheringham, who once defeated himself for a National Magazine Award (he took Gold and Honourable Mention for Humour in 1979), will be reading from his new book, Boy from Nowhere: A Life in Ninety-One Countries (Dundurn Press) at the Thousand Islands Writers Festival this Sunday, November 6, in Brockville, Ontario. (More details here.)

Magazine fans of a certain generation (or two) probably know Allan best for his back-page column that appeared in Maclean’s magazine for 27 years. The acerbic “Dr. Foth,” as he was often known, regularly leaves a trail of witty sobriquets behind him (the Holy Mother Corporation; Jurassic Clark; Coma City).

(Surely his most beloved epigram of Canadian politics is: “In the Maritimes, politics is a disease, in Quebec a religion, in Ontario a business, on the Prairies a protest and in British Columbia, entertainment.”)

So if you’re in the neighbourhood, you won’t want to miss him speak.

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