Must-Read Canadian Features

In the age of short-form content and shortening attention spans, we recommend stretching your reading muscles once in a while with some longer reads. Reading non-fiction keeps us in the loop with what’s going on in the world and exposes us to realities much different from our own, allowing us to empathize with what real people are going through. Plus, you’ll often find that the stories are just as engrossing as a fiction read– as Mark Twain once said, “Truth is stranger than fiction… fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; truth isn’t.”

With so many phenomenal pieces published every year, it can be difficult to know where to start! Here are our top picks, ranging in length and topic.

Our Recommendations

Long-Form Features

L’effet MBC
Marie-Hélène Proulx
Collaborateur : Josée Désaulniers, rédactrice principale

A Monster in the Classroom
Omar Mouallem

The Curious Case of Gina Adams
Michelle Cyca

Endless Exile
The Walrus
Annie Hylton
Contributors: Harley Rustad, handling editor; Mashal Butt, fact checker; Jeremy Leung, illustrator

The $11-Billion Subway War
Toronto Life
Nicholas Hune-Brown

Violence conjugale : prévenir le pire
Catherine Dubé
Collaborateurs : Daniel Chrétien et Johanne Lauzon, éditing; Imelda Jeuris, illustrations et design graphique

Aux armes, Ukrainiens !
Fabrice de Pierrebourg
Collaborateur : Josée Désaulniers, rédactrice principale

The Long History (and Scary Future) of Our Broken Health Care System
The Local
Simon Lewsen
Contributors: Nicholas Hune-Brown, handling editor; Nick Iwanyshyn, photographer

Plovers quarrel: a tiny, endangered bird returns to Sauble Beach to find sunbathers dug into the sand
The Narwhal
Fatima Syed
Contributors: Denise Balkissoon, Elaine Anselmi

Giant Mine’s Toxic Legacy
The Walrus
Eva Holland
Contributors: Carmine Starnino, handling editor; Leila El Shennawy, fact checker

Divine Intervention
The Walrus
Wendy Glauser
Contributors: Carine Abouseif, handling editor; Emily Baron Cadloff, fact checker; Sebastien Thibault, illustrator

The Only Woman in the Room
Toronto Life
Christina Frangou

The Death Cheaters
Toronto Life
Courtney Shea

Short Features

The People’s Forest
Mark Mann
Contributor: Catherine Métayer, editor-in-chief

Welcome to the Neighbourhood
Canadian Business
Katie Underwood
Contributors: Boldtron, illustrator; Emily Landau, editorial features director; Charlotte Herrold, editor-in-chief; Laura Hensley, digital director; Maryam Sanati, SVP, content and creative; Della Rollins, director of photography; Vanda Marasan, senior designer; Vanessa Wyse, creative director; Lucinda Wallace, associate creative director

Incest Survivors Need Their #MeToo Movement
Julie S. Lalonde
Contributor: Denise Balkissoon, editor

They Wanted A Baby. They Turned To Facebook
Alison Motluk
Contributors: Erica Lenti, editor; Sara Hashemi, fact checker

En avant pour l’environnement !
Catherine Dubé
Collaborateurs : Daniel Chrétien et Johanne Lauzon, éditing

The Hardest Climb
Eva Holland

When the Virus Moves In
Christina Frangou

Fracasser le mur du temps grâce à l’ADN
Québec Science
Raphaëlle Derome
Collaborateurs : Marine Corniou, Mélissa Guillemette

Fires, Plagues and Also High School
The Local
Katherine Laidlaw
Contributors: Nicholas Hune-Brown, handling editor; Galit Rodan, photographer

What will be the fate of Lake Superior’s last, lonely caribou?
The Narwhal
Emma McIntosh
Contributors: Denise Balkissoon, Emma Gilchrist

The Orange Tent
Alberta Views Magazine
Bonnie Larson

Violences sexuelles sur les campus: Un vent de changement salutaire
Chloé Machillot
Collaborateurs : Johanne Lauzon et Daniel Chrétien, éditing

Faire son épicerie dans les poubelles
Clin d’oeil
Sabrina Myre

Friendly Fires
Cottage Life
Ray Ford
Contributor: Liann Bobechko

New Looks
ELLE Canada
Alex Viens
Contributor: Théo Dupuis-Carbonneau, assigning editor

Dites «cheese»
ELLE Québec
Gabrielle Lisa Collard
Collaborateur : Théo Dupuis-Carbonneau, chef de contenu beauté

The grandmothers who stopped a pipeline
Lindsay Jones
Contributors: Charlie Gillis, editor; Darren Calabrese, photographer

How to Skin a Muskrat
Samantha Nock
Contributors: Madi Haslam and Sarah Ratchford, editors

Water Ways
Barb Sligl
Contributor: Kamil Bialous, photographer

Digital Features

Libres sur la banquise
ICI Grand Nord
Matisse Harvey
Collaborateurs : Justine de l’Église, Marylene Tetu, Claudiane Samson

Se partager nos codes : regards sur une réalité linguistique
Le Devoir
Sandrine Vieira, Sarah Rahmouni, Sarah Boumedda, journalistes
Collaborateurs : Cédric Gagnon, direction artistique; Antoine Noreau, développement; Valerian Mazataud, photo; Simon Gionet, photo

Soulever le poids du passé : Le récit du premier homme fort autochtone du Canada
Radio-Canada – ICI Alberta
Julien Latraverse
Collaborateurs : Images : Geneviève Tardif, images; Justine de l’Église, conseillère au contenu numérique;  Mélanie Morin et Marylène Têtu, réalisation; Martin Labbé, designer

A former GM plant in St. Catharines is leaking toxic chemicals
The Narwhal
Ashley Okwuosa
Contributors: Ramona Leitao, Denise Balkissoon, Mike De Souza

‘This was our forever home’: floods, climate change and the end of one Alberta community
The Narwhal
Drew Anderson
Contributors: Leah Hennel, Sharon J. Riley, Emma Gilchrist

The frontline of conservation: how Indigenous guardians are reinforcing sovereignty and science on their lands
The Narwhal
Jimmy Thomson
Contributors: Carol Linnitt, Shawn Parkinson, Arik Ligeti, Ashley Tam

Residents of Peguis First Nation face an impossible choice as they tackle yet another major flood
The Narwhal and Winnipeg Free Press
Julia-Simone Rutgers
Contributors: Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Mike De Souza, Scott Gibbons

Instagram changed, but the artists using it didn’t
CBC Arts
Leah Collins
Contributor: Eleanor Knowles, editor

How to Decolonize Conservation
Hakai Magazine
Erica Gies

Femmes afghanes, entre désespoir et résistance
Marie-Eve Bédard
Collaborateur : Philippe Chevalier, secrétaire de rédaction

L’Abitibi-Témiscamingue en mode séduction
Davide Gentile, Daniel Boily
Collaborateurs : Patrick André Perron, photographe; Bernard Leduc, secrétaire de rédaction

Tuning into the melodic mystery of bird song
The Globe and Mail
Marcus Gee
Contributors: Melissa Tait, Jeremy Agius, Murat Yükselir

This Soup’s for You
The Tyee
Josh Kozelj
Jackie Wong, editor

‘Disaster Land Grabs’ Worldwide and in British Columbia
Co-produced by The Tyee and The Global Reporting Centre
Amanda Follett Hosgood
Contributors: Fellows at The Global Reporting Program (based out of UBC’s School of  Journalism, Writing and Media)

The Demon River
Hakai Institute
J.B. MacKinnon
Contributors: Tyee Bridge, Serena Renner, Jeremy Latham, Bennett Whitnell

Whales in the Cliff Face
Hakai Magazine
Devon Bidal

Les maisons de paille de Valérie Plante
Journal de Montréal
Dominique Cambron-Goulet, Charles Mathieu
Collaborateurs : Alexandre Pellet, motion designer; David Lambert, réalisateur et designer; Cécilia Defer, développeure et intégrtatice web; Charles Trahan, directeur création éditoriale

L’épidémie invisible
La Presse
Philippe Mercure
Collaborateurs : Maxime Jean, Sébastien Rodrigue

The last of the untamed: Wedzin Kwa and the Wet’suwet’en fight to save her
Ricochet Media
Brandi Morin
Contributor: Amber Bracken, photos

In her defence
The Globe and Mail
Jana G. Pruden
Contributor: Amber Bracken

Canada’s boar war
The Globe and Mail
Jana G. Pruden
Contributors: Fred Lum, Carys Mills, Murat Yükselir, Steven P Hughes

How pollution from Canadian coal mines threatens the fish at the heart of communities from B.C. to Idaho
The Narwhal
Ainslie Cruickshank
Contributors: Carol Linnitt, Jesse Winter, Emma Gilchrist

“The New Residential School System”: How a First Nation Rallied against the Foster Care System
The Walrus
Amy Romer
Contributors: Harley Rustad, handling editor; Lucy Uprichard fact checker

Trade/Professional Features

Reimagining the Box
Canadian Grocer
Shellee Fitzgerald

The North redefined
CIM Magazine
Herb Mathisen, Carolyn Gruske

Carrying a heavy load
ReNew Canada
Andrew Snook

Accès refusé
Affaires universitaires
Jean-François Venne

Architecture During Wartime
Eric Mutrie

The Indigenous Advantage
Director Journal
Barrie McKenna
Contributors: Simon Avery, editor; Lionel Bebbington, art director; Hawlii Pichette, illustrator

The boss is not okay
Director Journal
Prasanthi Vasanthakumar
Contributors: Simon Avery, editor; Lionel Bebbington, art director

Prescription for change
Director Journal
Virginia Galt
Contributors: Simon Avery, editor; Lionel Bebbington, art director

Next In Line
John Lorinc
Contributor: Paul Ferriss, handling editor

Back to the drawing board
Luc Rinaldi

Band of Brothers
Queen’s Alumni Review
Blair Crawford

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