Must-Read Canadian Features

In the age of short-form content and shortening attention spans, we recommend stretching your reading muscles once in a while with some longer reads. Reading non-fiction keeps us in the loop with what’s going on in the world and exposes us to realities much different from our own, allowing us to empathize with what real people are going through. Plus, you’ll often find that the stories are just as engrossing as a fiction read– as Mark Twain once said, “Truth is stranger than fiction… fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; truth isn’t.”

With so many phenomenal pieces picked out by NMAF in the National Magazine Awards alone, you might be lost as to where to start. Here’s a list we’ve compiled of some of our favourites, from the big winners to Honourable Mentions.

Our Recommendations

Honourable Mentions for Long-Form Feature Writing: 6,000+

Students for Sale
The Walrus
Nicholas Hune-Brown
Contributors: Connor Garel, fact-checker; cornelia Li, illustrator; Daniel Viola, handling editor

Province of No Choice
The Walrus
Jessica Leeder
Contributors: Allison Baker, fact-checker; Darren Calabrese, photographer; Hamutal Dotan, handling editor

Silver for Long-Form Feature Writing

The House That Divided the Toronto Islands
Toronto Life
Katherine Laidlaw

Honourable Mentions for Long-Form Feature Writing

No way out
Christina Frangou
Contributors: Denise Balkissoon, executive editor; Sun Ngo, creative director; Alicia Morris, illustrator

Seeking Sanctuary
Stephanie Bai

Silver for Short Feature Writing

The Last 25 Percent
The Local
Danielle Groen

Silver for Feature Writing

Kids in Crisis
Miranda Newman
Contributors: Kristy Woudstra, handling editor; Sydney Hamilton, fact-checker

Can’t get enough? Find more reads in the Winners section of NMAF’s website!

Have a feature that you think deserves to be recognized by the National Media Awards Foundation? Submissions for the 2023 awards season are now open! We are accepting submissions for the National Magazine Awards, National Magazine Awards: B2B, and Digital Publishing Awards. Check out each program’s website for deadlines, eligibility, and categories.