Best Words & Pictures in Canadian Magazines

It’s almost time! The 37th annual National Magazine Awards gala is this Friday June 6. [TICKETS]
This year in the category Words & Pictures there are 8 finalists vying for the Gold and Silver awards. This category is sponsored by CDS Global, the presenting sponsor of the 37th annual National Magazine Awards.
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Jim Moodie, Daniel Ehrenworth, Kim Zagar, Martin Zibauer
The Seven Year Pitch
Cottage Life

Barbara Amiel, Natalie Castellino, Erika Oliveira, Andrew Tolson, Stephen Gregory, Kim Honey
Barbara Amiel, 1979: Maclean’s Portrait SIP

Kim Honey, Colin Campbell, Andrew Tolson, Natalie Castellino, Stephen Gregory
Cool Jobs feature in Maclean’s 2014 Guide to Jobs in Canada

Rashi Khilnani, Sami Siva, Nayan Sthankiya, Domenic Macri, Dawn Calleja
The 18,700-kilometre journey ends here
Report on Business

Dan Robson, Roger LeMoyne, Myles McCutcheon, Jamie Hodgson, Dave Chau, Dafna Izenberg
This is Our House

Edward Burtynsky, Brian Morgan, John Macfarlane, Kyle Carsten Wyatt, Sasha Chapman, Paul Kim, David Macfarlane
The Walrus

Sadiya Dendar, Tony Lanz, Alicia Kowalewski, Erin Finlayson, Alex Mathers, Steph Hung
25 Easy Costumes Under $25
Today’s Parent
Congrats to all the nominees.
Check out all the National Magazine Awards finalists on our Facebook page. Which do you think is best? Leave a comment or tell us on Twitter: @MagAwards | #NMA14
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