Top 10 Science Stories in Canadian Magazines

Next Friday June 6 we’ll find out who will be the winners of the 37th annual National Magazine Awards. [TICKETS]

The award for Science, Technology & Environment goes to the writer of most successful story in these topical areas, and is sponsored by GE Canada. The jury has selected a shortlist of ten finalists for the Gold and Silver awards. You can read the full-text articles of all National Magazine Awards nominees here. Have a look…

Kevin Van Tighem
Safeguarding the Source
Melissa Guillemette
Le chip labour

Kate Lunau
Planet hunting

Binh An Vu Van
La Loi sur les espèces en péril

Nicholas Hune-Brown
Reader’s Digest

Arno Kopecky
The $273 Billion Question
Reader’s Digest

Eric Reguly
The Smartest Guys on the Planet
Report on Business

Alanna Mitchell
Losing the Hooded Grebe
United Church Observer

Jake MacDonald
A Town Besieged by Bears
Up Here

Sasha Chapman
Fight of the Bumblebee
The Walrus
Which do you think is best? Leave a comment or tell us on Twitter: @MagAwards | #NMA14
You can read the full-text articles of all National Magazine Awards nominees at
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