Best Cover finalists for the Alberta Magazine Awards

With the 2013 Alberta Magazine Awards ceremony coming up on the calendar on March 14 (part of the Alberta Magazines Conference of March 14-15 in Calgary), we’re looking forward to seeing who will take the top honours this year.

Among the 14 Showcase categories to be presented at the gala is the always intriguing competition for Best Magazine Cover. Here’s a look at the 8 finalists this year for the top Alberta magazine cover:

Ryan Girard, art director; Marco Cibola, illustrator
Ryan Girard and Kim Larson, art directors; John Gaucher, photographer
Kim Larson, art director; Gary Stevensen, illustrator
Anders Knudsen and Erin Burns, art directors; Jared Sych, photographer; Alicja Wilkosz, hair and makeup; Julie Van Rosendaal, food stylist
Marcey Andrews, art director; Raymond Biesinger, illustrator
Cathy Ozubko, creative lead; Joel Kadziolka, designer; Deborah Jaremko, editor
Vishu Mahajan, art director; Joey Podlubny, photographer
Danae Thompson, art director; Josh Holinaty, illustrator

Check out all the finalists here. The winner of Best Cover and all the other Alberta Magazine Awards will be announced on March 14.

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