Just the Facts: Magazines Canada publishes 2012 Fact Book

Our friends at Magazines Canada have published their annual state-of-the-magazine compendium of statistics, trends and other research from the Canadian consumer magazine industry. Available in English and French (pdf; 120 pages).

Did you know that:

  • Approximately 59% of Canadians read a magazine last week (and more than 8 in 10 picked one up within the last 3 months);
  • Canada has more consumer magazines per capita (100) than France, Germany, the UK and the USA;
  • In the past decade the number of new Canadian consumer magazines has grown by 12%;
  • The vast majority (71%) of readers still prefer print (i.e. real paper) over digital magazine media;
  • Ad revenue in Canadian magazines outpaces a sampling of 12 other global leaders by 20%;
  • The American multinational consumer-goods conglomerate Procter & Gamble spends more on Canadian magazine advertising–by a long shot–than any other company or organization;
  • Ads on the right-hand page of a magazine have only marginally more impact than ads on the left-hand page;
  • 73% of magazine readers save or bookmark a magazine advertisement for future reference;
  • Magazine advertisements, in brief, work better than ads in all other media (there are about 50 pages of stats and research to back this up).

Visit Magazines Canada to download the fact books.

2 thoughts on “Just the Facts: Magazines Canada publishes 2012 Fact Book

  1. I’m a freelance writer and currently in the process of re-working my business plan.

    I’m wondering whether anyone knows where I can find information on how digital magazine publishing has influenced the freelance writing market? I’m especially interested in knowing whether digital (solely) publications have the same pay scale for articles, as print magazines? To date, I haven’t found any stats on this, for either Canada or the United States.


  2. Laurie, we don’t keep this kind of information, but you may try a freelance writers’ organization such as Professional Writers Association of Canada or Canadian Writers Group, who may be able to direct you toward the information you seek.

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