Check out Papirmasse with NMA Winner Genevieve Simms

Papirmasse, they say, is a magazine, work of art, and social experiment all rolled into one. Subscribers to the publication receive each month a specially commissioned art print with an original piece of creative writing on the flip side.

This month, Issue #32 of Papirmasse (pronounced PAH-purr-mass, a play on the Dutch word for ‘pulp’) features National Magazine Award-winning illustrator Genevieve Simms* and a short story by Matt Prins.

Papirmasse was founded to recognize emerging artists and promote their work among art enthusiasts who may be looking for something beyond reprints of Old Masters for their collections. According to the site:

Papirmasse was founded in 2008 by Canadian artist Kirsten McCrea. Realizing that few people are in a position to buy original artwork and that the reproductions offered in commercial stores are bland and banal, Papirmasse was born.  Appreciators of art who would like to own original and contemporary works: rejoice!  Here at Papirmasse, art is for everyone.

Visit or @papirmasse for more info. And check out the back issues for more inspiration to subscribe.

* Genevieve Simms won Gold in the category Spot Illustration at the 2010 National Magazine Awards, for her work “Northern Vegas” in AlbertaViews magazine. She was also a finalist in 2009 for the award Best New Visual Creator for her work in Swerve

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