Meet the NMA Finalists for Best Single Issue

Next Thursday — June 7 — the NMAF will reveal the winners of the 2011 National Magazine Awards at our 35th anniversary gala. This year there are 5 finalists in the integrated category Best Single Issue, sponsored by Mag+.

This award goes to the magazine that has published the best single issue of the year in terms of the overall quality and originality of the content and its relevance to the intended readers.

For 2011 the nominees are:

“Protecting Our Water” by Canadian Geographic (June, 2011)

About this issue of Canadian Geographic:
The June 2011 issue of Canadian Geographic is a call to arms to all Canadians: paying more attention to our water is already vital, and will become even more important in the years ahead. This edition explores issues such as the campaign to restore Toronto’s Don River, Lake Winnipeg’s algae problems, and the mounting development pressure in the Yukon’s Peel River watershed, perhaps the most pristine in Canada. The editors have included an action guide inspiring readers to get involved in protecting watersheds where they live. The issue also spreads out a photo essay documenting shoreline cleanup in Nova Scotia, and a profile of water scientist Monique Dubé.

“Our Biggest Issue Ever” – Maclean’s (May 16, 2011)

About this issue of Maclean’s:
Who could have predicted that a Canadian federal election delivering a majority government, a royal wedding that became a global event and the assassination of the world’s most loathed terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, would all take place within a single week? Not Maclean’s, but they didn’t miss a beat covering this remarkable week in news in a way that ensured none of these three momentous events would be short-shifted. The issue—the biggest in Maclean’s’ 106-year-history—is a tour de force for a week like no other.

“Undiscussibles” – Rotman Magazine (Spring 2011)

About this issue of Rotman:
We have all participated in conversations where we keep critical information, feelings, or ideas to ourselves, for a wide variety of reasons. “Undiscussables” are more than just sensitive topics: they can be incredibly disruptive to trust and to the whole process of getting work done. Rotman believes that leaders must do more to get tough, uncomfortable issues onto the table for discussion. In the spring 2011 issue, the goal was to enable readers to lift the veil on the undiscussables in their organizations and to provide some tools for dealing with difficult issues in productive ways.

“The North Poll” – Up Here (April/May 2011)

About this issue of Up Here:
The cornerstone of the April/May 2011 is the exclusive North Poll–a national survey the magazine commissioned whose results reveal how dramatically ignorant southern Canadians are about the geography and culture of the territories. As Up Here‘s first-ever national survey, the North Poll was picked up by thousands of media outlets nation-wide, including dozens of newspapers and online news sites, and a plethora of radio shows. Anticipating public attention, the magazine strove to make the entire issue its best.

“Gros” – Urbania (Winter, 2011)

About this issue of Urbania:
With its special “Fatness” issue, Urbania investigates a question considered taboo in Quebec: Is it okay to be fat? The editors have made a concerted effort not to give voice to the nutritionists and healthy-living zealots who would tell us for the umpteenth time that in order to be healthy and happy we must eat less and exercise more. Instead, in words and pictures, they present the voices of “les Gros,” and in the process of researching the flip side of fatness, Urbania has discovered a world where being large is celebrated, where there are indeed happy, healthy “Gros.”

The winner of Best Single Issue will be revealed June 7 at the 35th anniversary National Magazine Awards. Tickets are on sale now.

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