2011 National Magazine Awards: What’s new this year?

Starting today you can begin submitting your entries for the 2011 National Magazine Awards. The board of directors for the NMAF has approved the following changes to the awards program for 2011. The changes reflect the input and guidance from various members of our industry who are dedicated to ensuring the NMAF fulfills its mission to recognize and promote excellence in Canadian magazine publishing.
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1. Expansion of digital magazine participation:
Starting this year, content from digital magazines, companion websites of print magazines and online-only magazines will be eligible in most categories. The NMAF has clarified its guiding principle for what constitutes a digital magazine; please read carefully the Eligibility & Rules page before submitting, as well as the new NMAF Frequently Asked Questions.

Digital magazines (such as tablet editions) are now eligible to enter all categories except Editorial Package and Print Magazine of the Year (they may of course enter the category Digital Magazine of the Year). Eligible magazine websites may enter most written and visual categories. Exclusively digital categories Best Multi-media Feature and Best Digital Design may now be found under integrated and visual categories, respectively. See the full list of categories for details. See our FAQ for more on eligibility of Digital Magazines and Magazine Websites.

2. New visual categories:
The erstwhile Fashion & Beauty category has been divided into two distinct categories. The new category Fashion is open to any fashion layout using photography or illustration. The new category Beauty is open to any beauty layout using photography or illustration.

The former category Conceptual Photography has been renamed Creative Photography with an updated category definition.

The parameters for the categories Illustration and Spot Illustration have changed. All images a half page in size or larger must now be entered in the Illustration category; images smaller than a half page must be entered in Spot Illustration.

The definitions of the categories Homes & Gardens and Photojournalism & Photo Essay have been updated. See the full list of visual categories for complete definitions.

All visual categories other than those for art direction are now open to entries from all eligible digital magazines (such as tablet editions) and magazine websites. Digital magazines may enter their work in the art direction categories. See our FAQ for more on eligibility of Digital Magazines and Magazine Websites.

3. Two categories for emerging magazine talent:
This year there will once again be separate categories for Best New Magazine Writer and Best New Visual Creator. Each is open exclusively to emerging professionals — including students — whose early work in Canadian magazines shows the highest degree of craft and promise. The entry fee for these categories is only $25, and the prize money for the winner of each is $500. Read more about these categories.

4. Adjustments to written categories:
The roster of written categories remains the same; however small changes have been made to the definitions of the categories One of a Kind and Politics & Public Interest in the interest of clarity. Please read through all categories carefully before submitting.

The submissions process for the 2011 National Magazine Awards is now open at www.magazine-awards.com. The deadline for submissions is January 13.

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