Wade Hudson – BIPOC Creator Showcase

The National Media Awards Foundation is proud to present a showcase of works by award-winning creators who identify as Black, Indigenous, or people of colour. Each of these creators has won or been nominated for a National Magazine Award, Digital Publishing Award or National Magazine Award: B2B, and since then, has done further high-quality work in the fields of journalism, visual arts, creative writing and more. Check the full list of creators here to learn more about them, read their award-winning work and view their most recent projects.

Wade Hudson

Wade Hudson specializes in portraiture. He celebrates his subjects’ joy and captures their vulnerability in an intimate fashion. The highly approachable Wade brings out the playful side of personalities — whether they’re everyday people, models or celebrities. In addition to his commercial work, he also specializes in fashion and beauty. Wade is a virtuoso of lighting technique, inside and outside the studio. He brilliantly illuminates a person’s complexion, bringing out the best in each of his subjects, in any environment. He describes his work as “honest and personal.”

2023 National Magazine Awards, Portrait Photography: “Elamin Abdelmahmoud,” Queen’s Alumni Review (Gold) and “The Interview: Gabor Maté,” Maclean’s (Silver)