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Canadian Business, “We’re Calling BS” 

Canadian companies, take note: Canadian Business has done the research and is calling BS on your ideas of managing millennials, entrepreneur stereotypes, and productivity.

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Job hoppers who want free lunches, flexible hours, and work-from-home options; these are the millennial characteristics assumed by big businesses. In reality, 70% of millennials in the workplace want to work from home, but so do 50% of workers from the baby boomer generation. What’s more, frequent career changes are the new norm for all Canadians. Managing millennials, it turns out, isn’t that different from managing your other employees.


Canadian Business goes on to dismantle the image of a successful entrepreneur as a risk-taker and an extrovert. Rather, young entrepreneurs can be taught to spot opportunities and develop the skills needed to act on an opportunity, at the appropriate risk-level.


“We’re Calling BS” – winning silver for art direction of a single magazine article at last year’s NMAs – pushes companies to further consider the ideas around productivity, pointing out that starting your day at 5 a.m. often leads to an afternoon slump, and that PowerPoint templates and presentations are lousy communication tools. The article is a must-read for managers wanting to re-jig their business plan and increase company productivity. Best of all, the article can be download for free from the NMA Archive section.