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Chatelaine - "The Shame Game", by Sarah Liss

Every epidemic needs a patient zero. In Sarah Liss’ award-winning Chatelaine article, “The Shame Game,” Monica Lewinsky is patient zero, the origin point of online shaming and digital humiliation. Liss goes on to trace the infection, with recent examples and survival strategies for this public shaming internet phenomenon. Liss explains that Lewinsky’s scandal was one of the first shaming stories to go viral digitally, spreading via a political gossip website. “The Shame Game” goes on to suggest that high school students are now at the centre of this epidemic: they are both susceptible to shaming and being shamed. 

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The consequences of cyber bullying can be tragic; Liss turns to the example of Ken Manning’s daughter, who committed suicide after being relentlessly cyber-bullied. Manning now gives school presentation on anti-cyber bullying and cyber safety for kids.


So, how is someone supposed to survive the epidemic? Take note, Liss says, from Vancouver’s Trish Kelly, a party candidate for Vision Vancouver. Kelly withdrew her candidacy, after a blogger dug up an old, controversial monologue of Kelly’s and spread it across the Internet. Rather than go down quietly, Kelly confronted the epidemic head-on. Intrigued to find out more about Kelly’s successes and the keys to changing the conversation around victim shaming? Read the NMA award-winning “The Shame Game” in its entirety in the NMA archive section.