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The Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement

The NMAF’s most prestigious individual prize since its inception in 1990 is The Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement, an award that recognizes an individual's innovation and creativity through contributions to the magazine industry.  



The award is open to circulation experts, editors, marketing, sales and promotion professionals, publishers, creators, designers, production managers - in short, to everyone in the industry. It cannot be given posthumously.


How to nominate someone

Nominations for this award are welcome from everyone in the industry. 

The nomination consists of:


-A letter from the nominator indicating the candidate’s name, title and career achievements. The letter should summarize the achievements related to the magazine industry and focus primarily on what the individual has done to support and advance the industry, including, but not limited to: mentoring peers and/or emerging professionals, volunteer work with industry related organizations, creating new processes, ways to help the viability of the industry, initiating industry studies, seminars or other industry activities, promoting collaboration, creating associations, etc.


-And supporting letters from at least two (2) other individuals.


Send your nomination's package documents to by March 1st, 2018.  


Selection Process

A Selection Committee of the National Media Awards Foundation will consider the nominations. The members of this committee, chosen by the Foundation, will be chosen from across the country and reflect our country’s diverse Indigenous, cultural and regional communities. No entry fee is required. Applicants not selected will be kept under consideration for two (2) additional years. 


The deadline for nominations for the Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement is March 1. There is no entry fee.  


Previous Winners of the Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement

2016 Penny Caldwell

2015 Kim Pittaway

2014 Michael Fox

2013 Kim Jernigan

2012 Stephen Trumper

2011 Heather Robertson  

2010 D.B. Scott 

2009 Terry Sellwood 

2008 Cynthia Brouse 

2007 Charles Oberdorf 

2006 Neville Gilfoy 

2005 John Macfarlane 

2004 Paul Jones 

2003 Stephen Osborne 

2002 Sally Armstrong 

2001 Al Zikovitz 

2000 Ken Rodmell 

1999 Peter C. Newman 

1998 Lynn Cunningham 

1997 Robert Fulford 

1996 James Ireland 

1995 Catherine Keachie 

1994 Jean Paré 

1993 Don Obe 

1992 Barbara Moon 

1991 Lloyd Hodgkinson 

1990 Michael de Pencier 

1989 Prue Hemelrijk